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  Sucker Rod Elevators Detailed parameter  
    Sucker Rod Elevators Reed-style elevator to the main card and put the parts and so on, is suspended an important tool for rod holders. Tongue before and after pressure mounted on card body and can rotate around the round pin, before the tongue of a torsion spring mounted within, as long as tight at the same time by two after the tongue, the tongue can be a light before the card body to rotate, sucker freely through the openings holes into the card body, the tongue after the release at this time, before the resumption of the tongue will be back in situ,˨סsucker, sucker to prevent prolapse.
ADD:No.99 West Wolong Rd, Dagang Town,Yancheng City,JS  Tel:0515-88850999  88850888  Fax:0515-88850555
Sales hotline:013770005566
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