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  Fluid motor Detailed parameter  
    Motor is composed of the rotor and stator. After the rotor is a mechanical processing, surface plating havewear-resistant X-head screw plating. Stator is a steel pipe and wall pressure in its cement injection of the X +1 the first spiral, composed of rubber bushing. Rotor and stator of the shape and size should be able to ensure that the relationship between the meshing of these mesh points along the axial lift motor sealed cavity formation. When a certain energy through the fluid, the cavity along the axial movement of the formation and disappear continuously, thus promoting the rotor wall along the spiral stator for eccentric rolling, playing the role of the motor. Screw drill motor is the main parts, a lot of practice and theoretical analysis results show that the wish to make effective the work of the normal motor, each motor-level drop can bear no more than 0.8MPa appropriate, otherwise the motor will be leakage , to reduce speed quickly and seriously to stop completely when turning, motor damage. (Of a motor stator for a lead) The use of the mud flow at the scene should be within the recommended range, or will have an impact on motor efficiency, and even greater wear and tear. Motor screw screw drill performance parameters is the main performance parameters of the theory of motor and motor output torque is proportional to the pressure drop; output to a few mud flow is directly proportional to the input, with the drilling tool to increase the load to reduce the number of very less, so as long as the control on the ground and pump pressure gauge readings of the flow, downhole drilling tool can control the torque and speed.
ADD:No.99 West Wolong Rd, Dagang Town,Yancheng City,JS  Tel:0515-88850999  88850888  Fax:0515-88850555
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