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  HP-3 MULTI-KNIFE SLITTING MACHINE Detailed parameter  
1. This machine is suitable for slitting of materials such as cloth, non drying glue,leathers, pla-stic ,etc and the width of the slitting materials can be set in a random manner.
2. Multi knife and full width slitting is performed simultaneously at the same time,facilitating rapid speed and high working efficiency, which is suitable for batch operations, pla-stic contracting processing in large packaging box
manufacturing plant.
3. The cloth feeding shaft adopts electromagnetic tension device, which is safe and reliable.
Model number
Cutting width
< 1800mm
Cutting high
< 110mm
Rolling speed of coiled materials
Engine power
1.5kw 0.75kw
ADD:No.99 West Wolong Rd, Dagang Town,Yancheng City,JS  Tel:0515-88850999  88850888  Fax:0515-88850555
Sales hotline:013770005566
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