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  Eccentricity distribution device Detailed parameter  
    Normal water, the plug on its main stage 22 of work to sit in the main tube of the side hole, the cam card on the upper side of the reaming holes, the result of cam shot in the bottom of salvage and the role of torsion spring, the return can be up rotation, it can plug into the work of the main tube of the partial hole and not be stuck out of; plug two sets of four main levels "0" type rubber ring seal a partial hole into the water that is plug filter enclosures, faucets, plug the main and work out the main tube of the side hole into the oil, the casing into the formation after the annular space.
ADD:No.99 West Wolong Rd, Dagang Town,Yancheng City,JS  Tel:0515-88850999  88850888  Fax:0515-88850555
Sales hotline:013770005566
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