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  Screw hole Detailed parameter  
1.Screw hole of the working principle of:
    Screw drill is a drilling fluid as a driving force, the liquid pressure can be converted to mechanical energy of the positive displacement downhole drill motor. When the mud pump to pump the slurry into the motor flows through the bypass valve in the motor import and export of a certain pressure difference, and promote the stator around the rotor axis of rotation, and speed and torque through the universal joint transmission shaft and transmission shaft to bit to achieve the drilling operations.
2.Screw hole of the components:
    Screw hole is by-pass valve, hydraulic motor, cardan shaft and drive shaft composed of four parts.
ADD:No.99 West Wolong Rd, Dagang Town,Yancheng City,JS  Tel:0515-88850999  88850888  Fax:0515-88850555
Sales hotline:013770005566
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